тпсб – Are You Still Hurt


Blackest Ever Black share a track from тпсб’s forthcoming album, ‘Sekundenschlaf‘.

Tbh I am a little bit of a fanboy of Blackest Ever Black. I love everything they release. They could release Theresa May shouting “Brexit” to a dark,  menacing jungle beat and I’d be sending my auntie the link to the track with the caption ‘belter’. But, that being said the reason I am a fanboy is that everything Blackest Ever Black’s capo di tutti capi Kiran Sande releases is incredible. The man must have exquisite ears.

The latest gift from those splendid ears is a forthcoming release from тпсб (if the first shared track is anything to go by). ‘Are You Still Hurt’ is a heady mix of ambient, techno and jungle soundscapes making it utterly contemporary and nostalgic all at the same time.

Sekundenschlaf‘ drops in November 2017 via Blackest Ever Black.

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