I am not a writer.

SFS is my hobby. Some creeps like playing golf, some weirdos enjoy going to the gym, and other people enjoy partaking in group activities like lasertag and/or dogging. I, on the other hand, enjoy scrolling endlessly through SoundCloud, Mixcloud, YouTube and other (better) online music publications discovering new music, then sharing some of that new music when I can be bothered.

It’s the perfect hobby for me though as I have developed into a bit of a loner. The older I get the more reclusive I get. It’s mostly out of selfishness, well being selfish with my time. Time is the most valuable commodity in my life at the moment. I am 32, I am happily (98% of the time) married, I have a little 6-month-old baby boy and I work around 45 hours a week in a soul-destroying office job for a very well known multi-national corporation. This means any free time I have is precious. Going to a rave on a Wednesday night and witnessing (in horror) middle-class boys throwing gun finger salutes is not an option for me at the minute. To be honest, I very rarely go to any raves these days anyway. I am not involved with any “crews”. And, I am not part of any scene, which is strange for someone who primarily shares music, which is made for the club, and in a sense thrives from said scenes. I’m like some sort of strange cultural voyeur, peeping on music and subcultures from afar on pixelated screens. I then sometimes document that music and perhaps those subcultures in my own humble little way. I like being an outsider though, I have no time for snobs, it keeps me objective and means I don’t get swept up on all the backslapping bullshit and hype.

I’ve found sharing music to be very cathartic. I’ve had minor battles with apathy, detachment and feeling dreadfully unfulfilled my whole life. Nothing ever too serious, just a case of the blues at the relentless routines of life. Doing this blog gives me a little bit of autonomy and purpose, and allows me to be “creative” and exercise my brain a little. So, I thought chronicling my blissfully mundane life, sharing my thoughts on hot topics like train journeys and basically just moaning about shit would be even more cathartic. I am not vain enough to expect anyone to read these posts or have any interest in what happens in my life, but this is not for them, this is for me.

Just a note, I tend to be verbose and overshare on a brutal level, and some of these stories might be bullshit and well, just stories. Apologies in advance.

P.S. Below is a brief summary of my life.