Structure 047 – rosehips

We back! Structure 047 comes courtesy of Glasgow based selector Rose Manson aka rosehips. It’s a doozy!

Structure 046 – Andrew Thomson (Huntleys + Palmers)

Structure 046 comes courtesy of Huntleys + Palmers’ bossman Andrew Thomson. Stream the mix and peep our Q&A.

Structure 045 – Laila Sakini

Structure 045 comes courtesy of Laila Sakini. Peep the mix and Q&A inside.


Structure 044 – Andrea Ida

We back for the first mix of 2019, and it comes courtesy of the incredible Andrea Ida!

Structure 043 – Ludgate Squatter

Ludgate Squatter came through with Structure 043.

Structure 042 – Logan Takahashi

Super hyped to present the latest instalment of the Structures saga, a mix by one half of the incredible Teengirl Fantasy, the supremely talented Logan Takahashi *tim westwood sfx*.

Structure 041 – Dance Authority

Structure 041 comes courtesy of Ash Luk aka Dance Authority, 1/2 of the incredible Minimal Violence.

Structure 040 – Chaperone’s Windham Hill Mix

Philadelphia musician David Coccagna aka Chaperone takes the reins in the 40th instalment of the SFS mix saga.

Structure 039 – anu

The incredible Anu came through with Structure 039.

Structure 038 – JEROME

Structure 038 comes courtesy of JEROME.

Structure 037 – Ribeka

Super honoured and excited to present a guest mix from one of my favourite selectors, Ribeka.

Structure 036 – Baby Sam

New one from Seattle based selector Baby Sam, and it’s an absolute belter!

Structure 035 – Forest Management

Ahead of his forthcoming album John Daniel aka Forest Management takes the reins for the latest instalment of the SFS mixes series.

Structure 034 – Gribs

Tobago Tracks boss Gribs steps up for Structure 034.

Structure 034 – Beta Librae

We stick with the New York trend for the latest installment of the SFS mix series. Taking the reins is the amazing Beta Librae.

Structure 032 – Maŕa

NYC based artist Maŕa takes the reins in the latest instalment of the SFS mix series.

Structure 031 – DJ Ashlyn x Marty

Structure 031 comes courtesy of DJ Ashlyn and Martina (Marty).

Structure 030 – harpey

Structure 030 comes courtesy of harpey. Check the mix and our short q&a.

Structure 029 – Bessa (100% Original Productions)

Structure 029 comes courtesy of Bessa.

Structure 028 – SophLS

Structure 028 comes courtesy of London based DJ and poet SophLS.