For the 3rd instalment of the ‘Structure’ mix series, MermaidS have been super swell and delivered an absolute belter. I’ve been a fan of the production duo and their spaced out disco / house jams for a minute, so was very hyped for this one.

Listen to the mix below and read some good answers to shit questions I asked the aquatic music makers.

Hello MermaidS, how are you? For the uninitiated tell us a lil bit about yourself, who / what are MermaidS?

We are a duo from Scotland who combine elements of the past and future to create a deep, colourful space in time, designed to touch you in strange and beautiful places.

Tell us about the mix… What is it about?

It’s the third in a series we’ve been putting together this year, with a focus on vinyl we’ve bought or rediscovered recently. We wanted the mixes to be as honest a representation of what we truly love and listen to. So many studio mixes these days sound the same… DJ’s trying to out do each other, be the most banging or play the most exclusives or whatever.. We want to create worlds you can lose yourself in, with colours and textures that might surprise or move you.

Where and how would you recommend people listen to this mix?

Hopefully the music will take you somewhere irregardless of whether you’re at work, in the car, on your bike or skateboard… But ideally you should be amongst people you love, with a cold drink, and strong marijuana.

What was the last book you read?

‘Not Fade Away’ by Jim Dodge, which is magnificent. Currently getting into ‘The Glass Bead Game’ by Herman Hesse, whose other works have been a massive influence on us as people and artists.

What was the last LP you listened to?

Al Dobson Jr’s ‘Rye Lane Volumes 2 & 3’ on Rhythm Section. Stunning piece of work.

Whats next for MermaidS?

We have lots upcoming on our label Goodship Records; with EP’s by ourselves and the other mavericks we’ve got onboard. We’ll be back out playing shows as well, and keeping up the usual flow of remixes, edits and mixes.

Do you have any shout outs? Final thoughts?

I guess just a massive THANK YOU to all the artists and labels who we’ve featured in the mix and mixes, and our brothers and sisters in arms across the galaxy. You know who you ain’t.


Ramsey Lewis ‘Jade East’ (Chess)
Raymonde et les Moutards ‘Y’en a Marre!’ Jean-Marc Misere edit (Versatile Records)
MermaidS ‘Shame On’ (The Exquisite Pain)
Waffles ‘Hankuri’ (Waffles)
Joe Simon ‘Love Vibration’ (Spring Records)
Mori Ra ‘Tsuru-Kame Hinadisco’ (Macadam Mambo)
Pellegrino ‘Southwind’ (Early Sounds Italy)
Carl & Carol Jacobs ‘Robot Jam’ (Emotional Rescue)
Samo DJ ‘Flyer’ edit (Public Possession Germany)
Trey Risque ‘A Night With The Boys’ Trail of Destruction dub (Parkway)
Lock Eyes ’21 Le Fou 5’ (In My Dreams)
Alma Negra ‘Fula Flute’ Esa & Santuri live mix (Basic Fingers)
MermaidS ‘Mercy, Maddalena’ (unreleased)
Flashlight ‘Beginner’s Luck’ (Philly Groove)
Bakradze ‘See’ (Transfigured Time)
Frank Booker ‘Down In The Basement 3’ (DITB)
Tenderlonious ‘Nobody Else’ (Yoruba UK)
Morgan Geist ‘Sleaze’ (Environ US)
Al Dobson Jr ‘Africana Salon’ (Rhythm Section)
Junktion ‘What We Are’ (Outplay)