Structure 008 – DSG (Palais de Danse)


Palais de Danse’s Denis Seltzer-Grant aka DSG takes the reins in the latest instalment of the Structures From Silence mix series.

Opening its doors last year, the second-hand record store offers a laid back, comfortable environment to dig and and has quickly became trustworthy purveyors of house, techno, disco and funk treasures.

DSG is also a resident and c0-promoter of Glasgow party starters Missing Persons Club. Their next night is this Friday 03 March where they bring Innershades to La Cheetah Club’s basement this Friday 03 March.

Stream the mix and peep our little Q&A below.


Willow – Untitled B1
Rising Sun – Voices
Dj Stingray – eRbB4
Dj Seinfeld – Always I Come Back To That
Mango Boy – Ruff Neckz
Boya – Thats Us
Gerstaffelen – Bombara
Dj Seinfeld – Feel Da Bum Slap
Hivern Discs – Trances 5
Tommy Atkins – Inna Ur Head
Co:bra – love sweet Love
Baba Stiltz – We Both know Its The last Game We Play
Rising Sun – keep For Love

Thanks for recording the mix dude. For the uninitiated out there, introduce yourself and tell us a little about Palais de Danse and why you decided to open the store?

Well the names Dennis & I DJ and produce under the initials DSG, also 1/9 of Missing Persons Club who have been running nights for almost 5 years mainly in La Cheetah and I also run the second hand record store Palais de Danse in an attic on Sauchiehall street. The shop mainly focuses on all forms of House & Techno along with some Soul, Funk & Disco.

Basically it all started when I quit my last job as a chef due to a few reasons and took some time out to get back to normal, once the dust settled I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do and the idea/dream of working in a record store and always being around music was always in the back of my mind until one day I decided to take a risk and just to go for it. Being a digger myself I felt that in Glasgow there was only a few spots to find old school/second hand house & techno and that was Oxfam on Byers Road, there is quite a few record shops in the city already, Rubadub being a institution but they¬† deal with new releases & equipment mainly & the other stores didn’t seem to focus on those specific genre’s and for a city with a thriving scene and a large amount of DJ’s it just felt like there should be a spot that focused on that…..and here we are.

Describe the mix in three words.

Rough and ready.

If someone was coming to Glasgow for the first time, where should they go and what should they do?

There is a lot that can be done in the City from the art galleries like GOMA & Kelvingrove to the theatre’s, GFT, Citizens, Tron & Pavilion theatre which always have something on, even The Science Centre is good fun. As mentioned there is plenty of Record shops to check out, Rubadub, Mixed Up Records, LP records, Otherside & Oxfam music. Glasgow has a spot on nightlife home to places like La Cheetah, Sub Club and The Art School, Stereo & The Berkeley Suite who pretty much every weekend have some of the best DJ’s & live acts from all over come to play, and not to mention all the places you can go for food, Bloc, Max’s Bar & Grill to be honest the list is endless, the question should be where to start?

What was the first piece of music you bought?

Oh god, cant fully remember but sure it was a cassette of something like ‘Now That’s What I Call Music 31 or 32′ but the first record I bought was Run DMC -vs Jason Nevins – It’s Like That’ can still remember the video vividly, all those break dancers…. although me & my brother chipped in for that so it was most likely his choice but its not left my record bag in a long time.

Whats your favourite biscuit?

Thats a hard question, maybe Viennese Whirls? but you cant go wrong with a custard cream.

Send a link to a YouTube video you really like.

Love this track and the video’s funny, the dude looks so happy.

Whats the next step for Palais de Danse?

Next step for the shop is more hunting for records, some more in-stores and hopefully putting on a night in the distant future, also getting tracks ready for the second release on the Label.

And, any final thoughts / shout outs?

Shout out to all that have helped cart loads of records up numerous flights of stairs, its tough going.

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