Structure 016 comes courtesy of Glasgow based musician Alicia Matthews aka SUE ZUKI.

Alicia is part of the new wave of Glasgow based musicians, pushing and pulling at the boundaries of electronic music at the crucial imagination factory, Green Door studios. Alicia has also showed she is an on-point selector with her monthly show on NTS, so I was super stoked when she agreed to contribute to my little mix series. She was also kind enough to take part in my boring q&a and sent us through some photos to give us a little insight to her day-to-day existence. You can peep all of that below, enjoy!


SUE ZUKI – fsquared
TG – All That Is My Own
SUE ZUKI – trained
Low Jack – Imaginary Boogie
SUE ZUKI – do u want 2 watch a film?
Chemotex – Lorentz
Kubler Ross – Clean Me
Machine Woman – Pink Silk
KLEFT – Bruises and Bleeding Hands
Plaster – Terminal
Shamos – B2
Peder Manerfelt – Psalms
Total Leatherette – Faux Fox
Tzusing – 4 Floors of Whores
Wex 10 – Mental
Jason Kerley – edit
Jarr Moff – Tziaitzomanasou
Blac Kolor – Skele Ton (Schwefelgelb remix)
Chrislo – Hangars D’Orion


Hello Alicia! Thank you very much for recording the mix!! For the uninitiated out there, tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Alicia Matthews and I’ve been producing and performing music under the moniker SUE ZUKI for the past 4/5 years. I also host a monthly radio show on NTS Radio under the same name. NTS dubbed my sound (selections and personal productions) as “rhythm and gloom”, which is a pretty on the money description imo. I’m currently based in Glasgow where I help run an independent record label Domestic Exile alongside Conal Blake, Gareth Roberts and Katie Shambles. Rhythm and gloom would be pretty apt in describing most of the other artists on the label too come to think of it. As well, as my solo project I perform as part of a 2 piece called LAPS (Ladies As Pimps) alongside Cassie Ezeji from Golden Teacher (less gloomy, still rhythmic).


Tell us about the mix? Did anything influence you while recording it?

Mix was made in and around some new snippets of music I am working on. Generally I’ll begin with one piece of music and a loose narrative in my head with regard of how I want the mix to move. Usually its completely nonsensical and just theming off of an abstract term or idea but I do think they tend to be descriptive even if it’s of my own muddy little brain. This mix isn’t as brutal as others I’ve done … I’m going on holiday on Sunday so maybe that’s why; it’s lightened me. This is probably as sunny and chilled as my selections will ever get.


What was the last record you bought? And, where is your favourite spot to by records?

Total Leatherette’s For The Climax of the Night and I bought it from the band at the end of a mini tour we did together. Generally I don’t buy records that frequently anymore. This is because my record bag was stolen a few years back after a gig and also because I am pooooor. Been smashing the CDJs instead.


What was the last book you read? And does literature influence your music at all?

Marcel Mauss’ The Gift and also The Noise of Time. Literature definitely influences my music but more phrases or pieces of writing that are revealed within context out in the world. It’s the combination of text and place or how a situation can activate a piece of text that allows my brain to imagine something sonically, be it narrative based or not.


This changes for me all of the time, but what’s your favourite film score / soundtrack at the minute?

The Exorcist. Always. Paradise Lost. This year’s Devil’s Candy too.


What have been some of the main influences on your sound so far?

Friends and lovers. Being happy or sad… very simplistic I’m afraid.


Whats your favourite dish to cook? And whats your favourite record to cook to?

Laksa. Anything I can sing too, usually Bjork – Post or Vespertine.


Send me a link to a YouTube video you always go back to.

I’ve yet to meet anyone that also enjoys this video.

You can see from the comments that I do indeed ALWAYS go back to this video. Definitely doesn’t do anything for my music credentials but whatever.


And finally, What’s next for Sue Zuki?

I’m beginning to write and record new music with both SZ and LAPS. So studio time and then hopefully I’ll have an abundance of new depressing crap for people to listen and laugh to (SZ not LAPS – LAPS are NEVER depressing).


** Photo from mix “art” by Matthee Arthur William.