Neinzer takes the reins in the latest instalment of my humble little Structures mix series.

The Berlin via London based producer and DJ has been on my radar for a while now after super swell guest mixes for illustrious selectors and taste makers Ben UFO and Nic Tasker, and catching my attention with his discerning productions, ‘The Fear’ and ‘The Beacon’, which was one of my favourite tracks last year.

You can listen to the mix, read our little q&a and peep some photos Neinzer was kind enough to share of his home studio below.

Hello! Thank you so much for recording the mix!! For the uninitiated out there, tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hey, no problem. Thanks for the invite!

So, I’m a producer and DJ living in Berlin, working under the alias Neinzer. I write and play a mix of abstract, dubby, UK influenced techno. I released a track called Weiblich this year on Bradley Zero’s label International Black.

Tell us about the mix? Did anything influence you while recording it?

It’s a mix of tracks which I wouldn’t normally feel comfortable playing in a club (because they are not quite energetic enough), and more dancefloor oriented stuff. However, there is a common thread through it all, which is a sonic aesthetic which I’m fanatical about. I would describe this aesthetic as something slightly trippy, dark and a bit rounder. I’m not such a big fan of dominating aggression in music. I prefer a suggestion rather than an instruction.

What was the last record you bought? And, where is your favourite spot to buy records?

I think it was Decka’s second release on SP:EC, which I played in this mix. It’s also the track that begins the ‘lift-off’ in the mix. The track has these fantastic deep ‘throbbing’ tones, which I find almost watery. Allusions to water, and anything natural, I love in sound.

The track also leaves a lot of the top-end free, which means the reverb is very present on the track. Allusions to space and ’emptiness’, I’m also a big fan of.

I mostly buy stuff through Discogs or perhaps via Hardwax. I’m quite lazy to physically dig through records. I prefer to skip through stuff online. Then I don’t have to leave my house – haha!

What was the last book you read? And does literature influence your music at all?

I’m not an avid reader and I haven’t finished a book in a while. I started reading a couple of things this year. One book about how our subconscious influences us and another book about creativity, about how chaos and letting go are beneficial to the process.

This changes for me all of the time, but what’s your favourite film score / soundtrack at the minute?

Only thing I can say that I remember enjoying a lot is probably the soundtrack to There Will Be Blood. That was written by Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead. It’s a fantastic orchestral score which  dramatises the film brilliantly. I remember reading once that a good soundtrack should support what happens on screen, rather than be in the foreground – it’s like the salt complimenting a well cooked dish.

Whats your favourite dish to cook? And whats your favourite record to cook to?

I’m not a very enthusiastic cook but I can recommend a good restaurant! There’s a very good Sudanese restaurant very close to my work and they make the best falafel, humus and Makali plate in Berlin. It’s on Reichenbergerstrasse.

Send me a link to a YouTube video you always go back to?

I don’t have one that I keep coming back to, but here’s one I enjoy very much. It’s a video by Renato Martins, who is a great Brazilian percussionist who posts loads of videos of him just jamming and improvising on all these percussive instruments. I find the complexity and variation in what he does really inspiring. It’s something I wish I could do more in my music. In electronic music I think it’s hard to emulate such dynamic and complex grooves. Drum machines just don’t allow for that level of control over sound.

And finally, What have you got planned for the rest of 2017?

I’m playing in London on 27th October with the whole International Black family. Really looking forward to that one, as London’s my home town and I’m excited to see the rest of the crew play. Apart from that, I’ll be trying to finish writing more music!