Super stoked to share this one

Structure 019 from the incredible Birch is exotic, very exotic…. Stream the mix, read our q&a and peep some snaps below.

So thanks you so much for recording the mix! For the uninitiated out there though, introduce yourself?

My name is Sofie and I’m a sound artist based in Copenhagen. I work with sound and music for films and art installations. One month ago Infinite Waves released my first record Doldreams. Along with the release i built 3 sound sculptures forming 3 tracks in a materiel dimension.

Tell us about the mix? Did anything in particular influence the mix?

This mix is a compilation of music that made me happy since i was very young to music that inspire me now through it’s warmth and silence. But, a genre I never cross directly when I produce myself. Mostly because I’m just me and not a Brasilian band with percussion and woodwinds! Now is the time for grey days and rain in Denmark and listening to this kind of music makes me happy and warm.

What was the last record you bought? And, wheres your favourite spot to buy records?

The last record I bought was Kendrick Lamars Untitled album. I mostly go to Accord which is a second hand record store in Cph.

What was the last book you read?

Last book i read was a very bad crime. Now I’m reading Wild Swans by Jung Chang.

Whats your favourite dish to cook? and favourite record to cook to?

I mostly cook very quick but solid and tasty dishes! I love to cook along with Chet Baker sings It could Happen To You.

Whats your favourite film / movie score at the minute?

I always love to listen to Taxi Driver.

Send me a youtube video you always find yourself going back to watch?

And finally, whats next for birch?

Now I’m going to find out what really makes me happy when I make music. That would be something about being more offline, taking more time and diving deeper into the spiritual layer of sound and music.