Structure 020 – Jaclyn Kendall


I caught up with Montreal based producer and DJ Jaclyn Kendall.

Jaclyn recorded a belting hour long mix, answered some of my mundane questions and sent through some photos of her life, which was incredibly nice of her. Peep them below.


Hushed Sketchbook – buffalo MRI
Cauchemar Administratif – SLEAZY
Untitled – Beta Librae
Higher Source – Jaclyn Kendall
Forest Floor – softcoresoft
Curious Imprint – via app
Parallels – Hunter Lombard
Cassette – Okkulte
Blackout – Henge
The Voyeur’s Gambit III (Flashed Statuette) – Angelo Harmsworth
Knave – Isabella
Disheveled – Lowebrau
Take a kick – Sentimental Rave
Behave – Lacedetail
Charivari 3 – Bleie
Social Dysmorphia – Cienfuegos
The Mind The Body Don’t Follow – To Feed On Others
David 131 – Rivet
Stature and Scent – E-Saggila
I Think of You Less Now – Jaclyn Kendall
Dynamics Analysis – Unromantic


Hello Jaclyn, so thank you so much for recording the mix! Really enjoyed it! For the uninitiated out there, could you let us know a little about yourself?

I’m glad you enjoyed it—thanks for asking me! 

I’m a producer and DJ that’s currently based in Montreal, but before moving here about two years ago I was living in Berlin—where I was really able to discover underground dance music and the community surrounding it in a way I never had before. I have a monthly radio show called UFO Club on radio in Montreal, where I mostly play experimental techno and noise. In terms of my own music, I’ll often play at various venues and DIY spots across the city—I feel extremely lucky to live in a place like Montreal that has such a vibrant music scene and to be surrounded by so many tremendously talented people. 

Describe the mix in 3 words 🙂

noisy. reverb. UFO-cults.

What was the last record you bought? And, wheres your favourite spot to buy records?

I just got back from being in New York where I picked up a bunch of records, but I think my favourite one of the lot is this techno/breakbeat compilation put out by the label The Final Experiment. 

I buy most of my records off of Discogs or directly from labels websites/bandcamp. In Montreal I really like this shop called Aux 33 Tours, and I just discovered this record shop in Chinatown in Manhattan called 2 Bridges Music Arts that was really amazing—they have a great selection of more ‘leftfield’ dance music.

What was the last book you read?

The last book I read was This Is Not a Program, it’s a series of translated texts from the French philosophical collective Tiqqun. Currently I’m reading I Love Dick by Chris Kraus. 

Whats your favourite dish to cook? And, favourite record to cook to?

Now that it’s getting colder I’ve been I’ve been doing a lot more cooking and baking. I love curries and I love spicy foods—one of my favourite dishes to cook is curry roasted cauliflower, apples and jalapeños which I usually eat with rice. 

I like to listen to something chill when I’m cooking, I would say probably Ambient 1: Music for Airports by Brian Eno. Pretty classic.

Whats your favourite film score / soundtrack at the minute?

The soundtrack for Forbidden Planet is amazing. The film was released in 1956 and the score is by Louis and Bebe Barron. I believe it’s the first all electronic-music film score which is really cool, and the vibe is very atmospheric and a bit eerie which I like.

Send me a youtube video you always find yourself going back to.

I’ve definitely watched this cat massage instructional video a bunch—it reminds me of being high in my early 20’s and thinking it was the funniest thing. Lot’s of quotable material in there. 

Also probably worth noting I’m pretty sure my most watched YouTube video is Light Ya Ass on Fire by Busta Rhymes & Pharrell.

Send me a peice of art that has caught your eye recently.

One of my favourite artists, Sara Rabin, recently had a solo show at Larrie Gallery in Chinatown. She does a lot of funny illustrations that speak to modern societal behaviour but I love her paintings— the way she takes a traditional genre like portrait painting, but smears and disfigures the feminine form.

And finally, What have you got planned for the rest of 2017?

I have a tape being released by Summer Isle next month, which you can preview here: 

Other than that I’m going to be playing a few shows in Toronto and Montreal and working on an upcoming EP for a label which I’m really excited about.


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