Structure 021 – DJ Voices


Kristin Malossi aka DJ Voices takes the reins in the latest instalment of the Structures From Silence mix series.

I’ve enjoyed Kristin selections for a time now, rinsing her sets for Working Women and Sisters on NYC’s The Lot radio, so was pretty stoked when she agreed to contribute to my humble little mix series. I wasn’t disappointed, the mix is a absolute belter! She also answered my forever mundane questions and sent through some snaps of her day-to-day. You can listen to the mix, read our q&a and peep the photos below.


Hello Kristin ūüôā thank you some much for recording the mix, sounds super nice! My baby son Teddy seemed to really enjoy it too, so it got the full SFS household seal of approval!! For the uninitiated out there though, tell us a little about yourself, Working Women and Sisters?

Hello and thanks so much for having me! Glad you both enjoyed it.

Sisters is a bar/restaurant/listening environment¬†where I’ve been booking music for 3 years, pretty much since the day we opened.¬†It also has an¬†accompanying mix¬†series.¬†¬†It’s not your typical DJ spot but we do tend to make the most of it and have had an incredible roster of local + international talent come through. There’s a special energy between those walls.

Working Women is a DJ collective I founded with 3 other women. Together we push each other forward personally & artistically, and push back against DJ norms as they typically appear in a man-dominated culture. When we DJ together we try to make community on the decks and for the dancefloor.

Voices is my solo DJ project, something I take very seriously because it is very personal, vulnerable, and healing for me.

Describe the mix in 3 words?

Tender, dreamy, reflective.

Did anything influence you while recording it?

Yes – I wanted to make a mix of gospel music, which is something I really love. Then I started thinking about devotional music outside of American Gospel,¬† and then I thought about songs that “felt” devotional. Somehow I ended up here, which feels like a very far sonic departure but maybe not so much emotionally.

What was the last record you bought? And where is your favourite spot to by records?

I recently bought this for $5 at a record store in Philly: РThat was a real triumph.

Otherwise in NYC A1 is my go-to spot, like most DJs =) I try to stop in to most record stores pretty regularly, but that’s far and above my most frequented store.

What is your earliest memory of the club?

My college threw raves regularly  РI had no idea what I was witnessing at the time but I realized recently they were quite formative! Wish I knew more about the music & culture then.Otherwise, my first few years in New York are my earliest memories of the club. Although so many nights now live on as half-memories or sketches. I learned a lot at parties like the Bunker!

What was the last book you read? And does literature influence your music at all?

I’ve always got a few things in rotation at once. I just finished The Mighty Franks by Michael Frank on a recommendation by a family member. I’m also wrapping up the most recent Texte zur Kunst, on identity politics. I also always have the Complete Stories of Leonora Carrington ready at hand. I turn to her truly absurd world when ours becomes too absurd to handle.

I’m became really obsessed with film scores recently! Whats your favourite film score / soundtrack at the minute?

Not technically a film score, but I really love John Etnier’s Arterial – Music For Dance.I also really love the film score to Under the Skin & /have a really nice memory of listening to it with friends recently while driving through the corn fields of Michigan at night.

Send me a link to a YouTube video you always go back to?

Also, i’m pretty obsessed with dean blunt’s youtube channel, and i recently found out it’s been deactivated! sad. This is a real gem that some one luckily uploaded:

And finally, what have you got planned for the rest of 2017?

I’m about to spend two weeks in California hanging out with family and playing a few parties. After that, I’m looking forward to resting and getting ready for big things in 2018 =)


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