Structure 026 comes courtesy of boy wonder Minus Kendal.

Despite his young years (and ears) Minus Kendal is a record digger and selector of distinction, helming super swell shows on Balamii and NTS respectively. Minus has kindly put together 59 minutes of glorious Italo, boogie and electro, and endured my shit q&a questions. Peep them both below.


Tony Scott – Satori (Enlightenment) (US, 1965)
Imitation – Oriental Oriental (Japan, 1982)
Skuas – Traversée (France, 1983)
Hiroshi Satoh – Aqua (Japan, 1988)
Kazumi Watanabe – Mother Terra (Japan, 1979)
Super Diamono De Dakar – Soweto (France, 1987)
Albert Alan Owen –  Dressed to Kill (UK, 1986)
Aurra – Living Inside Myself (Germany, 1986)
Rhodos – Robotics (UK, 1983)
Snow – Everytime You’re Around (US, 1983)
Ester – Got To Go (US, 1985)
Steve Beresford & Anne Marie Beretta – Comfortable Gestures (France, 1986)
Theadora Ifudu – Hello There! (Nigeria, Unknown)
Queen Ekanem, King Majelly & Vibal Smash – It’s All Up To You (US, 1987)
The Rappin’ Reverend – I Ain’t Into That (US, 1987)


Thank you for recording the mix, really appreciate it! For the uninitiated out there, can you introduce yourself?

No problem! Thanks for having me, it was good fun recording it. Hi, my name’s Minus Kendal and I’m a record collector and disc jockey from London. I host a monthly show on NTS Radio called ‘Party Socks’ and DJ as part of the Dimensions Festival DJ Directory.

Tell us a little about the mix. Did anything influence you whilst recording it?

Not really, I just strung together a few new records that I’ve acquired over the last few months that I thought you might enjoy, I recorded it in one sitting so I kind of just went with the flow.

What was the last record you bought? And, where is your favourite spot to go record shopping?

The last record I bought was a crazy zouk record from France by a band called Kassav’ – their self-titled album from 1984 on G&D Productions. This is the killer cut:

My favourite place to go record shopping is probably Alan’s in East Finchley. In my opinion one of the last proper ‘digging’ spots in London. You never know what you’re gonna find.

What is your earliest memory of music?

Honestly, one of the first things that spring to mind is hearing The Spice Girls at a birthday party when I was a kid. But after that one of the earliest, which also happens to be one of my fondest memories, was driving down the M5 with my step-dad blaring out The Joubert Singers

You do lots of radio, with shows on NTS and Balamii. How important has radio been in your musical evolution? And who were you listening to before you started to play out?

Radio has always been very important to me. I listened to a lot of Gilles Peterson whilst growing up and I used to listen to Tim Sweeney’s ‘Beats In Space’ show religiously when I was about 12 or 13, so that’s definitely been a huge inspiration for me.

I love being able to play music for people and I think radio is the perfect platform to do so. There’s so much freedom because there’s not really any limitations to what can be played and it gives me the opportunity to share the music I love with others and really express myself at the same time. A huge bonus is that it’s online on a Saturday night, so if you’re stuck at a shitty club you don’t want to be in, you can pull it up on your phone and pretend to dance!

I’ve become really obsessed with film scores recently! Whats your favourite film score/soundtrack at the minute?

You can never go wrong with a bit of Ennio Morricone, ‘Un Uomo De Rispettare’ never ceases to amaze.

Send me a link to a YouTube video you always go back to?

Ian Carr, the realest G there ever was.

Finally, what has 2018 got in store for Minus Kendal?

I’ve got some great guests lined up to join me on NTS this year and I’ll be heading out to Croatia again for Dimensions Festival. I also hope to make more music and hopefully, I’ll be throwing a couple of parties. But other than that, I’ll just go wherever the music takes me!