Structure 034 – Gribs


Tobago Tracks boss Gribs steps up for Structure 034.

Along with DJ Pitch, Gribs is at the helm of one of the most exciting, forward facing labels out there at minute, releasing incredible records from the likes of Lucaufer and Object Blue. Gribs’ own selections are equally forward facing, taking you on a cinematic journey each and every time. I caught up with Gribs to talk about Tobago Tracks, movie scores, favourite record shop haunts and more.

Listen to the mix and peep our short q&a below.


√p38 – Utopic [Sometimes Beauty]
Palmistry x 0comeups –  ⬆️⬆️ MB levitating ☁️💧 / sip . mobile obsession 🌫🌫🌫 [MICHAELBRAILEY edit]
SOPHIE – Infatuation
Power Therapy – Neew Plink
Iydes – Off With The Faeries
Unknown – Hopeless Summer Days
James K – Electra’s
The Newcomer – Dream Invader
Christian Mirande – A Quick Visit
Ultra-red – Return (Beyond the Pale)
Stella – Stray Pop With The Surf Punks
LOFT – Heffalump (Synthapella)
AyGeeTee – Y It Have To End Up Like That?
V / CT / M – Laisse Tourner, On Se Casse


Thank you so much for recording the mix, really appreciate it! For the uninitiated out there, introduce yourself?

My name is Gribs,  I co-manage Tobago Tracks with DJ Pitch & live in London.

Tell us a little about the mix. Did anything influence you while recording it?

It was recorded at the end of a very emotional (and beautiful) weekend after the last TT residency party at Rye Wax. In terms of influence, the conversations I had that weekend about the event itself were definitely still on my mind when I recorded it. I also wanted to make something that I would want to take on a walk after dark in the heat (if I ever took one).

What was the last record you bought? And, where is your favourite spot to go record shopping?

I don’t go record shopping, but the most recent record I bought was the rkss – Cutoff EP purely because I was meeting a friend in the store and it was right in front of me, but that was in November last year..

Before that, the last record I actually sought out to buy was LOFT –  Heffalump/I Am Bouyant. Their work came into my life at precisely the right moment and facilitated an epiphany I’m still feeling the effects of, so I guess I wanted a to have a physical marker of that period of my life.

What is your earliest memory of the club?

The overriding memory of the first time I went to a club/electronic music event is that someone proposed to me on the dancefloor on one knee. It’s not happened again since.

Tell us a little about Tobago Tracks?

TT is a label that I run with DJ Pitch, which releases music that doesn’t fit within typical patterns of genre development in the field it emerged from – whether that’s identifiable in its sound or within the artist’s creative approach. We’re currently nearing the end of our KIN project, where we’ve undertaken a residency at Rye Wax in London and partnered on events outside of London with Cartier 4 Everyone, Mutualism and Come Thru. Lots more to come :))))

What was the last book you read? And, does literature influence your music at all?

The last book I read was Dining With Humpty Dumpty by Reba Maybury, and I think elements of how the way she talks about her previous partners made me feel found their way into my mix for Grey Matter Archives. Out of context screenshots of especially poignant/nonsensical/revealing DMs between me and friends are far more likely to spark mix ideas for me than reading at the moment.

I’m really obsessed with film scores. I feel your music and selections have a real cinematic quality. Is that intentional?

I find it much more satisfying to attempt to distill an experience into some-kind-of-mix-form than to start with tracks and work from there, which possibly lends itself to a more soundtracking/”cinematic” approach to selecting tracks. Ideally I want my mixes (as opposed to live sets) to act like a stream of consciousness, whereas currently they’re a bit more like journal entries. I’m working on it.

And finally, what’s next for Gribs?

In the immediate future I’m really looking forward to playing at The White Hotel in Manchester alongside a ridiculous (!) line up for Mutualism at the end of July, and TT has some incredible releases and projects lined up for the rest of the year that I can’t wait for people to hear.


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