Structure 036 – Baby Sam


New one from Seattle based selector Baby Sam.

Been really stoked about this mix, I have loved Sam’s selections for a while now so was super happy he agreed to record a mix for SFS. He didn’t disappoint and has conjured up an absolute belter. I started listening to it on the train and instantly high-fived 7 fellow commuters. One was quite aggressive in their rebuff, but I gave them my left earpod and they listen to approximately 13 seconds I received what can only be described as a very tight but very loving bearhug.

Sam also gave some splendid answers to awful questions. You can stream the mix and read our short q&a below.


Firstly, thank you so much for recording the mix, really appreciate it! For the uninitiated out there, could you introduce yourself?

Hello and thanks for having me! I am Seattle DJ, Baby Sam.

Tell us a little about the mix?

I present a regular show on the Vancouver, BC internet station, No Fun Radio and have taken the opportunity to spend each month reflecting and assembling an intentional show that focuses on a specific sound pallet and energy level.

I feel like I’m already doing everything I want to with the No Fun show so for this mix I kind of just let the records pick themselves. Nothing too planned out, I just grabbed some of my favorite crystal and pulled out some of my favorite records.


What was the last record you bought? And where is your favourite spot to go buy records?

I love going to Beat and Bohos, a cozy little thrift store in the North end of Seattle. They bought this DJ’s collection a few years ago when I first started going there, Mike Joyce. The dude played everything from proto-house and disco to goth and new wave. All of his records have the record pool stamp on them and his own stamp, a fish smoking a big cigar.

I tried to take a detour one day when traffic was really bad ended up going North on State Route 99 and when I was able to finally turn around I was so close to the shop that I figured I’d pop in for a dig and wait out the traffic.

They had the lesser known Harry Case record which ended up on this mix. Absolute drive time jammer!

I’ll also shout out Daybreak and Georgetown Records.

What was the last book you read? And does literature influence the music you listen to / mix at all?

I’ve been reading Nabokov’s collected stories, but I wouldn’t say reading really influenced my taste in music or approach to DJing in any way.

Now that I’m thinking about it; I could draw a lot a few connections between Nabokov and playing music. There’s a focus on aesthetic experience eschewing narrative importance and he had synesthesia so there’s always this feeling that color is words and sounds all at the same time.

I think a lot about how the music I listen to or play might fit into my life as a whole. I’m interested in soundtracking a wide variety of life experiences except work or retail. This mix, in particular, was inspired by a long day at Sunset Beach on Lake Sammamish in mid-July. I just did another mix that I can put on when I have people over for dinner so I can cook food instead of fiddling with my records.

Books have influenced my life as a whole so in this way, they’ve been influential on my work. To name a few: Everything That Rises Must Converge by Flannery O’Connor, Beyond Good and Evil by Nietzsche, I and Thou by Martin Buber, bell hooks, Sylvia Plath, Barthes, a few Terence Mckenna talks…


Whats your earliest memory of the club?

I went to a state school just south of the Canadian border and was going to parties in Vancouver on a pretty regular basis. At the time I was really excited and inspired, but after Ghost Ship I realized a lot of the spaces I had been in were way overcrowded and unsafe in many ways. There was one loft party on Hastings I had to leave because it was so packed.

I want to shout out Jean at Deep Blue. That space has meant a lot to me and he’s done a great job running parties there safely and sustainably. I also have to say that the TUF parties in Seattle have been some of the most joyous and transcendental experiences of my life.

Who would your dream b2b set by with?

DJ Zozi!

We’ve played out together before and also more recently at a small party during Pride weekend.

I’d never jump into bed with a stranger and the same thing goes for the DJ booth.

On that note I’m DJing with my dream disc jockeys on a regular basis, my friend Fergus (DJ Forever) and my friend Dani (DJ Having Sex). Hoping to DJ with my friends Jenn Green and T.Wan again soon!


I’ve become pretty obsessed with film scores. Does film influence your selections/taste in music? And what soundtrack/score has caught your attention recently?

I really liked the music in Eighth Grade (although I didn’t love the movie). I love Ennio Morricone’s work, Niel Young’s Deadman soundtrack is also a favorite.

I recently worked on a short film with Eleanor Petry and will be doing the score to that, which I’m really excited about.

And finally, what’s your plans for the rest of 2018?

Cooking good food with whatever happens to be in season and setting my music gear back up and making music again…

Also planning to visit New York and Los Angeles before the end of the year

Thanks again for having me!


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