Structure 037 – Ribeka


Super honoured and excited to present a guest mix from one of my favourite selectors, Ribeka.

The Glasgow stalwart was also sound enough to have a chat (well answer my usual boring questions via email) about her work with Mute Records, So Low, and her favourite record shops and movie soundtracks. Enjoy!


Firstly, thank you so much for recording the mix, really appreciate it! For the uninitiated out there, could you introduce yourself?

Hello, I am Becky Marshall. I work in television, predominantly producing arts documentaries from the BBC, and do things in music on the side which include DJing (as Ribeka), A&Ring (for Liberation Technologies/Mute Records), and running parties (inc. LT at La Cheetah, and So Low at The Poetry Club.

Tell us a little about the mix?

This mix was recorded for an art exhibition entitled Of Real Worlds, celebrating 200 years since Emily Bronte’s birth. I was invited to take part in the exhibition by artist (and friend) Lucy Barker, as I have a bit of a connection to Yorkshire (my grandfather was from a village called Soothill in Batley, pretty close to ‘Bronte’ country). Wuthering Heights is also one of my favourite books, although over the years my relationship with it has changed a lot, largely to do with feelings around relationships and abuse.

The mix is, I guess, a response to Wuthering Heights. I wanted to explore some of the tensions at play in the novel, as well as evoking a sense of unease and, I guess, eeriness. It’s a lot to do with the hauntology at the heart of Wuthering Heights, and how that related to the landscape in which the story is based (and derived from?). That all sounds very pretentious, and it is…

Anyway, I tried to use only artists who had a relationship, on some level, with the North of England and particular Yorkshire, as well as some field recordings from the area. Artists featured include Coil, Mark Fell, Teresa Winter, and many others. A lot of inspiration was also derived from Andrea Arnold’s underrated Wuthering Heights adaptation.


What was the last record you bought? And where is your favourite spot to go buy records?

I bought a few records last week including Tranceonic – New Crime, Jensen Interceptor – Delayed Response, and a comp of one of my favourite Scottish punk bands Scrotum Poles, entitled Auchmithie Forever (from Monorail, Rubadub and Discogs respectively). In Glasgow, I mainly shop in Rubadub and Mono, with the occasional trip to Mixed Up. Outwith of Glasgow, I always really enjoy a trip to see the lovely people at Reckless Records in London.

What was the last book you read? And does literature influence the music you listen to / mix at all?

I’m a really terrible reader, despite always getting extremely obsessive over books when I take the time to focus on them. The last novel I read and really loved was Eimear McBride – The Lesser Bohemians. Non-fiction wise I’ve been reading and re-reading a lot of Mark Fisher lately including The Weird and Eerie and Ghosts of my Life (which influenced this mix a huge amount). I’m really looking forward to the collected published and unpublished K-Punk writings which is out later this year.


What’s your earliest memory of the club?

Various horrible (and less horrible) unders clubs in Glasgow (Archaos/Karbon/Cathouse). But as an of-age adult, my first positive club experience was probably an Optimo Hogmanay, feeling quite euphoric as a Shepard Tone rose to the bells.

Who would your dream b2b set by with?

That’s a really hard question. I get to b2b with my best friend Sophie (Sofay) a lot and it’s always really special. If we could b2b2b2b with Vladimir Ivkovic and Lena Willikens that might take it to the next level.


Tell us a little about So Low and your work with Mute records?

I started So Low around 3 years ago with friends Keith McIvor, Iona Fortune and Katie Shambles. The night originally came from me, Iona and Katie bullying Keith into playing all of the goth records we love but never really heard in clubs. It was such a big success we decided to keep it going as an irregular party and label. In the intervening years the clubbing scene has changed quite a bit and EBM/industrial feel more in vogue than they perhaps were when we started, so we try to put slants on the night in order to make each one feel special (for example one night involved only playing music by the original members of Throbbing Gristle). Mostly though it’s about enjoying records with a group of people (of all ages) who are really invested in that music. We have a really wonderful crowd of people who consistently attend, and it’s always such a joy to be in their company.

As for Mute – I work as a freelance A&R consultant for them primarily focusing on their sub-label Liberation Technologies. We’re aiming to relaunch LibTech in the next few months, so there’s not too much I can reveal at the moment but things are coming together and I’m really excited about putting out music by some really great new artists.

I’ve become pretty obsessed with film scores. Listen to your selections I feel they have a real cinematic quality. Does film influence your selections/taste in music? And what soundtrack/score has caught your attention recently?

Film is a big influence on a lot of aspects of my life, and definitely influences how I select music. Working in TV, a big part of the job is finding ways to marry sound and vision, and in the last year, I’ve had much more of a hands-on role in working in the edit making those choices, which has been really exciting. I think that almost certainly bleeds into how I mix records in a DJing context too.

Original score wise I think Jóhann Jóhannsson’s work on Arrival and Sicario are some of the best theatrical scores in recent years. He’s a really devastating loss to the film industry. This year, I also did enjoy the sound design on A Quiet Place in terms of how it governed the narrative of the film. It was nice to see something where sonics such a central part of the story.


And finally, what’s the rest of 2018 got in store for Ribeka?

I have my first London show, as well as some exciting gigs at my favourite Glasgow clubs and a set at Skye Live in the next few months.

My night LT at La Cheetah returns for it’s 7th edition in early October, with Sue Zuki joining me for a b2b and a young Edinburgh-based musician Emaenuel doing his first live set in the city. We’ve also got a Hallowe’en(ish) So Low in the works.

I’m taking some time off from TV in October to focus on Mute work, which I’m really looking forward to.

And beyond that hopefully just hearing lots of good music, spending time with friends and family, and reading more!




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