Structure 039 – anu


The incredible anu came through with Structure 039.

anu is one of my favourite selectors and voices out there at the minute, spreading righteous tunes and wisdom in equal measure. The London based DJ hasn’t put out a guest mix for around a year, so super honoured anu honoured SFS with this incredible mix. Stream the mix and also peep our little q&a below:


Firstly, thank you so much for recording the mix, really appreciate it! For the uninitiated out there, could you introduce yourself, please?

I’m anu, a DJ, illustrator & all-round human based in London. 

Tell us a little about the mix?

I haven’t made a mix in about a year so this was a really nice way for me to ease back into things. The mix starts with a track from one of my favourite releases of the year, Blood Orange’s ‘Negro Swan’ (another track is featured a bit later in the mix too). I then go into a few ambient tracks, one from my favourite, Nadia Khan, released on Scissor and Thread earlier this year. This year, I’ve enjoyed coming back to the kind of pop/indie (Connan Mockasin, infinite bisous) I used to listen to a few years ago, I love the nostalgic feeling. I’ve also been listening to a lot of Bollywood lately, and I’ve included one of my favourite tracks by Nazia & Zoheb Hassan. Oh and there’s also some Taiwanese indie-pop in here that has been soothing me!

What was the last record you bought? And where is your favourite spot to go buy records?

The last record I bought was by Emerson Kitamura, I was very happy to find it at Low Company Records in Hackney. I don’t really enjoy record shopping, so I can’t say I have a favourite spot. I’m also never in the mood for record shopping, so a spontaneous trip is best for me!

What was the last book you read? And does literature influence the music you listen to / mix at all?

The last book I read (or re-read) was Amrita by Banana Yoshimoto, who is one of my favourite authors. I love reading books by Japanese authors, and I love Japanese music. I’m really interested in Japanese culture so I guess it all feeds in and influences one another.

What’s your earliest memory of the club?

My earliest memory of the club is going to Plastic People and seeing James Blake play. I remember he played a re-work he made of Bills Bills Bills.

I really love your illustrations, could you tell us a bit about them? What influences your art?

My art is pretty much all done from imagination, although slightly influenced by people I see at gigs I play and club culture. I like representing POCs through my art, as that’s something I didn’t see enough of growing up. All of the figures I come up with are genderless, or up to the audience to decide.

I’ve become pretty obsessed with film scores. Does film influence your selections/taste in music? And what soundtrack/score has caught your attention recently?

I enjoy films, but I’m really more of a TV person. I’ve been enjoying all of the music in the latest season of  Insecure. And lately, I’ve also been discovering a lot of Bollywood music!

And finally, what’s your plans for the rest of 2018?

I’m going to India for the first time ever (!) at the end of the month and doing a 4 date tour which is yet to be announced. I’ve got some more gigs at the end of the year, and also preparing for a short course in Graphic Design I’m doing at the start of 2019!


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