Structure 040 – Chaperone’s Windham Hill Mix


Philadelphia musician David Coccagna aka Chaperone takes the reins in the 40th instalment of the SFS mix saga.


Thank you so much for the recording the mix. For the uninitiated out there, introduce yourself, please?

I’m David Coccagna. I make music as Chaperone and occasionally White Dog with musician Christian Michael Filardo.

Tell us a little about the mix. What influenced you?

I started collecting New Age records because of their artwork. I bought the first few in Santa Fe, NM and ever since I have picked up any Windham Hill material I come across. It’s nice to find the hidden gems on records because some of them are just absolute garbage records.

What was the last record you bought? Where is your favourite spot to go buy records?

The last trip I made to the record store resulted in 3 picks: Pink Floyd’s soundtrack for the movie The Valley, Stan Getz with guest Laurindo Almeida, and the Buddy Miles record where his face is a mountain. It’s a live record. I think I spend most of my time at Plan 9 in Richmond, but I think the record store that made my jaw drop the most was Rock Bottom in Florence, Italy.

What was the last book you read? Does literature influence your music selections?

I am reading a short story collection from Don DeLillo called The Angel Esmeralda. I think that everything I consume media-wise influences my musical taste. I listen to a lot of jazz and writers like DeLillo definitely give me a “jazz vibe.”

I really love listening to film soundtracks. The mix felt very cinematic at times. What’s your favourite film score/soundtrack at the minute?

I love soundtracks too! But I don’t really care for them in movies, which is strange. I prefer the two be separated. The score for my favorite film The Conversation is pretty up there, but all of the soundtracks that Tangerine Dream did are really the cream of the crop, especially Thief and Sorcerer.

And finally, anything coming up you’d like to share?

I put out a record a few months back on the imprint Enmossed and if you like this mix you may find some of the influence on that record. Otherwise, I have a new cassette on Unidentified coming out of techno tracks I made which is a little different than my usual stuff. Oh, and always fight American Fascism.


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