Structure 041 – Dance Authority


Structure 041 comes courtesy of Ash Luk aka Dance Authority, 1/2 of the incredible Minimal Violence.

The mix is available on both Mixcloud and SoundCloud for your streaming pleasure. You can also peep a brief Q&A with Ash below <3



Thank you so much for recording the mix, really appreciate it! For the uninitiated out there, could you introduce yourself, please?

Ash Luk aka Dance Authority. I make up one half of the duo Minimal Violence with my partner Lida. We make industrial influenced dance music.

Describe the mix in three words?


What was the last record you bought? And where is your favourite spot to go buy records?

The last record I bought was some classic Wax Trax, Meat Beat Manifesto – Storm the Studio. My favourite spot locally to shop for records in Vancouver is Beat Street, a great spot for digging. But I would say my favourite shop overall would definitely be The Record Loft in Berlin, last time I went they had just moved to their new location so I was literally just crawling around on the floor looking through unmarked boxes with zero organizational system for hours.


What was the last book you read? And does literature influence the music you make?

I’ve been reading a lot of theory surrounding cyborg identities. Actually, the last book I read that I was really excited about was the collected essays Trans Desire/Affective Cyborgs by Micha Cárdenas and Barbara Fornssler. Although I purchased the book for the latter I found so much unexpected inspiration and valuable material in Micha Cárdenas’ piece. I do find that literature does influence the music I make to an extent. Recently, with the newest Minimal Violence record, I found we’ve spent a comparable time researching themes surrounding the album as to the time we’ve spent working on the music itself. Often our samples will be derived from these same sources as well.

What’s your earliest memory of the club?

I remember my first big party was Tranceformers, it was about 2 hours out of the city so my parents drove us, they came back to pick us up at 6am and took us for breakfast….so weird in hindsight. I found out about it through this weekly techno/trance radio show in Winnipeg with DJ Raz, they would let people know about the upcoming parties (since this was before everyone had the internet), you could even call in to help find a ride since they were often outside of the city.  I used to go to this weekly Jungle party at the Chaos Chameleon, they had a chain link fence on the dance floor and about 20 regulars would go every week. In hindsight dancing to jungle and drum and bass in a bar on a  seems like such a weird thing. Jungle is meant for warehouses and basements.


Does film influence your music? And have any film scores/soundtracks caught your attention recently?

In some way yes. When looking for inspiration I’ve recently found myself re-watching old Gregg Araki films from the teen apocalypse trilogy era. Also early Harmony Korine.  Those films all felt so clandestine at the time but now they just seem like a snapshot of the 90’s teen subculture, which is equally as enjoyable.

And finally, what’s your plans for the rest of 2018?

The rest of 2018 is looking to be pretty chill, Minimal Violence just finished our first full length so we will be gearing up to prepare to release that in the spring. That’s when the madness starts!


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