Structure 043 – Ludgate Squatter

Ludgate Squatter

Ludgate Squatter came through with Structure 043.

Stream the mix and peep our little Q&A below:

Thank you so much for recording the mix, I really appreciate it! For the uninitiated out there, introduce yourself, please?-

I’m Aden, producing under Ludgate Squatter and part of the Lifeforms Collective and West End Communications.

Tell me a little about the mix, did anything influence you while recording the mix?-

I’m always listening to new music and going through phases of spamming certain genres for months at a time so I guess I was just trying to document some of my favourite noises I heard this year, along with some music from friends and some shameless self promotion.

What was the last record you bought? Where is your favourite spot to go buy records?

The Last record was “Chen Yi – The (1978 – 1983)” straight from the Mélodies Souterraines Bandcamp which I’d highly recommend to anyone interested in experimental/industrial music.

My favourite record shop is probably Eastern Bloc in Manchester, always a good selection and the recommendations from staff are always spot on. Was probably in every weekend during my stay there.

What was the last book you read? Does literature influence the music you make?

I think the last book I read was probably the Cyclone TT-303 manual. Terrible I know but I’m not a big reader. Many, Many manuals though.

What’s your earliest memory of the club?

Earliest memory was going to Ice Factory in Perth to see Phil Weeks with my brothers invalid passport and ten pounds to spend. Many laughs were had and we even managed to walk 3 miles home afterward. Ice Factory would soon be one of our main clubbing spots with Groovement starting up shortly after. This is still my favourite boxing day party.

Does film influence your music? And have any film scores/soundtracks caught your attention recently?

As film scores go I really enjoyed Good Time and although it’s an oldy Rosemary’s Baby which i just saw recently. I think film has an influence from the atmosphere created by the picture, plot and music combined for me rather than the score its self. My music is more emotionally influenced than sonically I suppose.

And finally, what’s your plans for 2019?

I’ll be focusing on Lifeforms a bit more in 2019 probably, we’ve got a compilation EP as our first record release at the end of january featuring Gavelman, DJCJ, VARIANT and myself. We’re also going to be starting a new radio show for Subcity on the third monday of every month from the 17th of December which should be fun.
Other than that I’ll just be working on some new music and hopefully some more releases!

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