Structure 045 – Laila Sakini

Laila Sakini

Structure 045 comes courtesy of Laila Sakini. Enjoy!


Thierry Müller & Quentin Rollet – OGM
Maxwell Sterling – Jhonn
Mark – See In Symbols
Lachrin – II XVI V XIII V
Klara Lewis – Aver Genome 6.66Mbp – R.V.E – Wulan Butong
STILL – Nazenèt (Kelman Duran Remix)
The Threshold HouseBoys Choir – Part Two : ‘Intimations of Spring’
Geins’t Nait, L. Petitgand – Ciseaux Daddy (Original Mix)

Thank you so much for recording the mix, I really appreciate it! For the uninitiated out there, introduce yourself, please?

Hello I’m from Melbourne but often find myself in London (it’s a common passage for us). I have over the last 5 years or so become more and more involved with music – as a DJ, an event organiser, and more recently as a podcast curator (!). (I make music too – but I’m hesitant to talk about that process until a release emerges). The sounds I work with vary with the contexts – so although I started in clubs, I now work in a range of spaces and with different people. I think this happened after I started playing on the radio and assumed this was a way to exhibit some of the more unconventional stuff I listen to, so sometimes I’m in galleries or working with designers where I’m the only “music person” there, sometimes I’m in the art-section of a festival and of course, sometimes I’m front-centre at the helm of a dance floor. The variety is confusing for my “profile” but it keeps me happy. I like that I can utilise and place all the music I’ve found along the way and that I can introduce people to songs they may never have heard.

Describe the mix in three words?

Filmic and colourful.

What was the last record you bought? And where is your favourite spot to go buy records?

Christoph De Babalon – Equisite Angst from my friend Moopie who runs a label from Melbourne called A Colourful Storm.

I also just received a copy of Mirrors in Mirrors by Midori Hirano release by another Melbourne label Daisart.

I get a lot of records through friends that own labels or are artists. I don’t really have a favourite spot as I’m not buying vinyl like I used to however I’m quite into bandcamp.

Low Company in London was probably the last shop I bought a physical record from, an IDDB 7″. That place caters well to my tastes and the staff seem to all be from Melbourne so it’s a nice spot to go to when I’m overseas.

What was the last book you read? Does literature influence the music you select/listen to?

Oooh. Look I haven’t finished my last two books. An entry level humanities text on ethics lays next to my bed as does a sci-fi book.

Study and thought do lead me to make choices and change direction though – that sounds quite obvious out loud – to explain, I started my first event in my honours year at University, which I do think was a result of me considering how systems could be restructured (I studied media and sociology).

The resultant event, a party called Day Care, was about reconfiguring  the typical club format and increasing accessibility to people outside of club land and to parents as it was an “all ages” event.

What’s your earliest memory of the club?

I can’t isolate one as it was a long time ago and Melbourne was a very different place – I do remember being pretty fascinated by it, this sort of parallel secret world, an undercurrent to routinised life. I guess I was seduced by how subversive it was. I think that’s how I like it to function – as a challenge to norms, and so, where I can have any influence – I push for it behave like this.

Does film influence your music? And have any film scores/soundtracks caught your attention recently?

Visuals influence me, as does all the the information within atmospheres.

As a DJ I’m always assessing and trying to influence mood and movement – that’s the role as I see it.

I’d like to work more closely with visual arts and film, and a few projects have charged me with that task which I’ve found very exciting.

As a medium, film/movies, I personally use this mostly to escape.

So I tend to separate the two – watching movies and letting go.

Or listening to soundtracks separately.

Or looking at visuals and imagining what impact sound could have on them.

And finally, what’s 2019 got in store for Laila?

I’m really enjoying this podcast project I’ve started – in the next few months there will be some new episodes with people from outside of AUS.It’s called Careful and the name is a spinoff to the aforementioned event I used to run (DAY CARE = CAREFUL)

I’ve also got some freelance writing assignments to do.

I have some music I’d like to record and finish producing.

I’ve got a few gigs in Melbourne for the next month – a festival called PITCH – in the art section, and, two I can’t announce due to international acts.

I have some sound programming to do too.

And then, I will travel to Europe (again) in about a month. Perhaps for an extended period, or, back and forth. I have some gigs in EU summer so some careful planning is in order. 

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