Structure 047 – rosehips

We back! Structure 047 comes courtesy of Glasgow based selector Rose Manson aka rosehips. It’s a doozy!

Structure 046 – Andrew Thomson (Huntleys + Palmers)

Structure 046 comes courtesy of Huntleys + Palmers’ bossman Andrew Thomson. Stream the mix and peep our Q&A.

Structure 039 – anu

The incredible Anu came through with Structure 039.

Structure 038 – JEROME

Structure 038 comes courtesy of JEROME.

Structure 037 – Ribeka

Super honoured and excited to present a guest mix from one of my favourite selectors, Ribeka.

Structure 031 – DJ Ashlyn x Marty

Structure 031 comes courtesy of DJ Ashlyn and Martina (Marty).

Structure 024 – Bandshell: TV Is We Are… Mix

For Structure 024 in my little guest mix series, Bandshell delivers 45 belting minutes of sonic wonder and bewilderment.

Structure 022 – Wonja

Structure 022 comes courtesy of Wonja.

Structure 014 – STANLEY

For Structure 014 of my illustrious mix series I caught up with Edinburgh producer STANLEY.

Structure 013 – M / M

The latest guest mix comes courtesy of Michael McGregor aka M / M.

Structure 012 – Strict Face

Structure 012 comes courtesy of one of my favourite producers in the game, Strict Face.

Structure 009 – Aleksa Alaska

I caught up with super swell music selector Aleksa Alaska for mix number nine of the Structures From Silence mix series.

Structure 007 – JQ

Let JQ take you on a journey, a journey deep inside your mind, where you bask in the eternal rays of ambient belters.

Structure 006 – Classic Coke

Grade 10’s Classic Coke takes the reins in the latest installment of the SFS mix saga.

Structure 005 – ROPE

I caught up with enigmatic producer ROPE in the latest instalment of the SFS mix series.

Structure 004 – Thug Entrancer

Thug Entrancer came through with the straight fire, majestic selections in the fourth instalment of the Structures From Silence mix series.