Greetings travellers and welcome to ‘The Weekly Round-up’ volume 001.

I have decided to start a new weekly feature where I round-up my favourite tracks, mixes, radio shows and videos of that week. I say weekly, but sometimes it will be weekly; sometimes it will be bi-weekly (fortnightly), it just depends on how guilty I feel about my crippling laziness and apathy that week. It will also sometimes include some classic records, literature and videos I have revisited that week. And, I might also share some of my thoughts on the week’s hot topics, let you know what went on in my life that week, and ramble on about shit like ‘train etiquette’, which I have pretty strong feelings about, and so should you…

Side note, if poor structure and grammar bother you then I implore you to FUCK OFF; this won’t be for you.

This week’s round-up features tracks by the likes of Laurel Halo, Carla Dal Forno and Ploy; mixes from Lena Willikens and Beatrice Dillon; radio by Anu, Object Blue and Hassan Rahim; and videos featuring Low and Jorja Smith.



For your convenience, I have made a super swell playlist of my top SoundCloud picks.



I absolutely loved these 5 mixes. Lena Willikens’ mix gave me heart palpitations, but good ones. Helena Hauff just does what she does on the daily, smashing out killer sets. I have been really getting into jazz recently, but mostly classic jazz records due to a lack of knowledge about new jazz out there, so Kamaal Williams’ mix for i-D was a breath of fresh air. Walton’s mix for Tectonic is an absolute monster. And, Beatrice Dillon is one of my favourite selectors out there so obviously her recent FACT mix is an absolute belter.



There is so much good radio out there to discover these days thanks to great independent stations like NTS, The Lot, Berlin Community Radio and LYL. So much so it was extremely difficult to make a concise round-up, so I have gone with a top 10 of radio I enjoyed the past 10(ish) days. It features super swell selections from the likes of Anu, Object Blue, Hassan Rahim and Akira creator, Dr Yamashiro.

PS. FUCK RADAR RADIO – I was ignorant, but now I know and when you know, you have to say something.



Seminal band Low released three amazing videos this week and included all three in their ‘Double Negative Triptych’ film.

Trombonist Ryan Porter was joined by saxophonist Kamasi Washington and members of The West Coast Get Down jazz collective at Amoeba Music in Los Angeles for a live performance.

The supremely talented Jorja Smith killed it on NPR with her insane Tiny Desk Concert.

I really enjoyed Munchies’ short film ‘This Man Cooked Only Pizza for 25 Years’.

As everyone else, I have been rewatching the late great Antony Bourdain’s ‘No Reservations’ documentary series, peep the episode where he visited London and Edinburgh here.